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Steve has taken my cycling strength to levels that I am certain I couldn't have achieved on my own and in less time than I anticipated.  He takes a personal interest in his clients objectives and goals. I truly believe he gets as much or more satisfaction out of my progress as I do which motivates me to continue to train with him. I encourage anyone interested in improving their cycling strength to talk to Steve and give his training a chance. You won't be disappointed. Steve's system combined with some core / whole body workouts will result in maximizing your potential. Steve will show you my stats which is proof that we have untapped potential which can be released through proper training. You don't necessarily need to ride more, just smarter.

Dan J.

I am seventy six years old. I have finished 14 full Ironman and qualified for Kona twice. This coming August I plan to compete in Coeur D'Alene ( Idaho). Over the last few years I have benefited tremendously from Steve Elliot experience and guidance. His continuous timely training program, support and evaluation,made me a faster, better cyclist. I highly recommend him and I will continue to use him as my coach and friend.

Abdel F.

I started with VR Cycling Studio about 2 years ago. By working thru a series of planned training, I have been able to help increase my Functional Power Threshold over 100 watts. All the hard training hours are now starting to pay off with great cycling results on weekend rides.  I want to thank VR Cycling for the coaching and encouragement helping me to becoming a stronger cyclist.

Bill W.

I want to thank Steve Elliott and VR Cycling Studio for helping me achieve my goal of making the 5,886 ft climb up Mt Lemmon in Tucson, AZ. I joined VR Cycling in September 2013 with the goal of being able to ride up Mt Lemmon in March 2014.

I retired in 2011 and started riding regularly. I rode over 6,200 miles in 2012 and thought I was in fair shape. I was invited to ride with a group in Tucson, AZ in March of 2013. The start of the week was a 6 mile uphill time trail. It took me over 38 minutes and wiped me out. Later in the week I attempted the ride in up Mt Lemmon and was only able to climb 3,202 Ft. When I rejoined the group in March 2014, after my time with Steve at VR Cycling, I was able to cut over 3 minutes off my time trial ride and complete it without feeling completely wiped out. I was also able to make the ride up Mt. Lemmon. I was 5th out the 12 riders in the group that made the ride up the mountain.

Steve has help me to be a stronger and faster rider.

Scott M.

Trey Walker
Trey W

I am writing this testimonial on behalf of my cycling coach and good friend, Steve Elliott. I have been cycling since the summer of 2009 and when I started out, I was just a weekend cyclist. The love of cycling really took hold of me and I quickly began trying to find rides that I could do after work. I began riding with a group of guys that were all faster than me and I eventually became faster myself. But in my mind, something was still missing. It seemed I was learning how to ride faster, but I didn’t feel like I was learning how to ride smarter and more efficient. I was on a ride with some guys one Saturday morning and we stopped by VR Cycling Studio just to say hello to Steve and I got my first exposure to Steve’s facility. I thought to myself, this would be kind of cool, but my workplace was just too far from the studio and I didn’t feel like fighting the traffic to get there.

As luck would have it, my company moved our offices to the back of The Woodlands and I was now only about five minutes from VR Cycling. It was November of 2014 that I joined VR Cycling Studio and I remember sitting down with Steve and telling him that I had joined the race team for the club I belong to. I also told him I was tired of being dropped 8-10 miles into our Saturday “training” rides. I told him I was looking for someone to really coach me and to teach me how to become a better, smarter cyclist and yes, a faster racer. He smiled and said to me “I can do that for you” and he began to lay out a plan to do just that.

Steve is an accomplished racer on both the road and track. He will quickly tell you his real love in cycling is the track. He has earned numerous podium finishes and has even raced with a former Olympian during his racing career in Australia. Steve is not your typical egotistical racer turned coach that likes to talk more about their past accomplishments than helping you with a workable plan to assist you with reaching your goals. One of the primary reasons he is able to do that is because he listens to those he is coaching to really try and understand what it is they want to accomplish. And because he did listen to me about where I wanted to go as a cyclist, his coaching has paid dividends for me beyond anything I could have ever imagined or dreamed possible. Just as an example of what I am talking about, when I signed up for Steve’s coaching I would have described myself as an above average “weekend warrior”. Today, I am no longer just a “weekend warrior”, but instead as an individual who is about to turn 60 years old, I am in the best shape I have ever been in and this includes my late teen years as a multi-sport high school athlete. My endurance is reaching new heights and the amount of time it takes me to recover from intense efforts has been drastically reduced. In the last year I have had a top ten finish in a 62 mile road race that is one of the most grueling races my team participates in, another solid finish on a hilly course in the Austin, TX area, qualified for nationals in the Senior Games to be held in Birmingham, AL in 2017 and finally my latest accomplishment was becoming a State Champion on the track for my age category.

So, if you ask me if I think Steve Elliott knows what he is talking about and whether he is a good coach, I would quickly tell you unequivocally “YES”! My justification, he took a rag-tag weekend warrior like me and turned me into someone that earned a state champion jersey on the track. So my recommendation to anyone who truly wants to get better as a cyclist, no matter the discipline, stop procrastinating and sign up for his coaching and see for yourself what a difference he can make in your overall cycling experience.



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